PatientBond is a cloud-based, healthcare consumer engagement platform using targeted, personalized communications. PatientBond enables Healthcare Providers and Payers to meaningfully impact patient behaviors and loyalty.

Deep understanding of the healthcare consumer is required to drive behavioral change. PatientBond incorporates c2b solutions’ powerful psychographic segmentation model as the foundation for improving patient and member engagement. The c2b Classifier groups patients into one of five distinct segments based on their shared values, attitudes, personalities, lifestyles and motivations.

Building on the foundation of consumer profiles, PatientBond targets specific segments and adapts communications approaches to increase relevance and response rates. Targeting segments with customized content increases the likelihood of meaningful engagement with patients and members. Each patient/member receives communications content that is optimized based on his or her segment, in the context of their individual health situation.

Designed for a multi-channel and multi-device world, PatientBond is a highly configurable, Cloud-based software platform that allows customized content to be delivered through a variety of media (phone call, email, text/SMS, smartphone app, etc.). Outreach can be adjusted to a wide variety of applications and desired patient response. While the platform defaults to a message, channel and frequency mix based on extensive market research and experience, patient/member preferences can be documented and adhered to while maintaining the option to override preferences for critical messaging.

Customized content, based on c2b profiling, ensures that messages motivate patients and members, increasing behavior activation rates. PatientBond captures and documents patient and member responses supporting two-way communications. Patient responses drive subsequent communications for more engaging interactions.

PatientBond can impact a broad range of applications and objectives that require patient and member engagement. Communications, branded with our clients’ logos and marketing assets, can be used to: reduce missed appointments; improve medication compliance; manage readmissions risk; deliver health and wellness education and many more applications. PatientBond also supports compliance with Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements for patient access to records.

Analyze and Adjust
Comprehensive reporting of patient response rates supports the ability to adjust communications based on the most effective methods. PatientBond incorporates c2b healthcare consumer research insights for additional tactical refinement. PatientBond’s “learning system” enables continuous improvement of engagement initiatives as market demands grow. PatientBond also provides documentation of patient engagement for regulatory and quality reporting. Most importantly, PatientBond complies with the most stringent security and healthcare industry standards.